BeardMyBaby 2.0

Last year, we made a book that ended up selling hundreds of copies in dozens of countries. We followed that up with a fake marathon that registered over 1000 runners, was covered in the New York Observer, and got sponsored by Groupon!

So naturally, the obvious follow-up to those two blockbuster successes would be a silly app for putting beards on babies, right?

In the spirit of our “why we do what we do” blog posts, I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about why we launched BeardMyBaby.


Reason 1. It’s a ridiculous idea. 

That much is obvious, but I figured I’d go on record acknowledging the ridiculousness.

All of our ideas have to maintain a certain level of ridiculousness, and this definitely fits the criteria.

There’s nothing wrong with launching sober-minded, serious, respectable ideas. It’s just not what we do.


Reason 2. We aren’t interested in constantly outdoing ourselves.

Our last two projects were huge successes, and we love that. At the same time, we don’t want to get caught in the trap of constantly having to outdo our last big win. If we did, we’d end up weeding out anything that doesn’t fit the criteria of “will this make us a ton of money?”

Which, in turn, weeds out a lot of the most ridiculous ideas. We’re okay having some projects that are smaller, some that are bigger, and some that are in-between. That’s always been the plan. But we wanted to launch a smaller project to show the world where our priorities lie.


Reason 3. Popular Demand

This is not the first time BeardMyBaby has seen the light of day. A few years ago, before had even been dreamt of, I (Kyle) launched BeardMyBaby 1.0 as a fun little side project.

The initial response was great, and the app was downloaded by hundreds of people around the world. But I moved on to other projects, and eventually stopped marketing or updating the app at all. After a year, I let my developer license expire, pulling the app from the store.

I thought that would be the end of it, and I’d have a fun story to tell my kids. But I kept getting approached by people saying “What happened to BeardMyBaby? I went to buy it the other day but I couldn’t find it!” Several people even suggested relaunching the app under the brand.

Eventually, enough people had asked about the app that Team started looking at it as a possible project. But we didn’t just want to relaunch the same app. We wanted to make some improvements, tweak things a little bit, and make it bigger, better, and bearder. Hence, BMB 2.0.


Reason 4. We want to get into apps.

We have a lot of app ideas, but we wanted to start out with just 1. Since the framework is already built, we figured this would be a great place to start. In completing this project, we’ll have to set up a developer account with Apple, go through the process of submitting an app for approval, learn about marketing apps, etc. All of those things will help us when we go to launch more apps down the road.


Reason 5. Kickstarter is a great place to test ideas like this

You might wonder why we needed to raise $593 when we just had a project that hit $23k. Couldn’t we have just paid for it ourselves?

Probably. But that’s the great thing about Kickstarter. You don’t have to fund your unproven ideas on your own (and risk wasting your money if the project goes south).

Instead, you can put the idea out to the community and let them decide if it’s worth pursuing. If they like it, their pledges (which are essentially preorders) will help you make the project a reality. If not, you learned something about the market without throwing away a bunch of money.


People ask us why we love Kickstarter so much. This is one of the biggest reasons. They’ve turned product development on its head, and opened up a world of possibilities for people who never would’ve been able to make things before.

So that’s the why behind the what. If you want to help us make BeardMyBaby a reality, click over to the project and make your pledge today! (LINK)

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