Ridiculo.us is an online community dedicated to the encouragement, development, and execution of ridiculous ideas.

Any kind! So far we’ve published a book of grey shades, faked a marathon, and cured infant beardlessness. But we’re just getting started.

The point of ridiculo.us is to learn new things by stepping outside the realm of the usual.

We believe there is value in pursuing crazy ideas. We believe some things can ONLY be learned off the beaten track. We believe in trying new things just to see what happens.

And we believe in having a whole lot of fun while we’re doing it.

Good question! We LOVE when other people grab hold of our ideas and run with them. That’s why so much of what we do is shaped by our fans, backers, and participants. If you’d like to get involved, consider helping us spread the word about our latest project, sending us an email, or connecting with us on facebook or twitter.